Colton Eigenmann #815

Rider Resume

Address: 803 Indian River Avenue Titusville, Florida 32780
Age: August 15, 2001
Education: High School Diploma with honors
Parents: Conrad & Betty Eigenmann (321) 269-5426

Colton is a very well mannered, soft spoken young man. He is a fair rider and well respected at the race tracks. He works and trains hard to be the best rider he can. He spends a lot of time in the seat as well as a lot of time improving his strength and endurance. Colton’s bikes always look and perform great. Colton is committed and supported by his entire family.

Current Active Classes: Current Bikes:

PRO – Yamaha 250

Training: Millsaps Training Facility

Current Sponsors: Spaceport Cycles, KLIM Oakley, Sidi, FMF, Bell, Ryno Power, Dunlop, Ecstar, Gizmo Mods, TF Racing, WPS, HBD,

Personal References:

Gennie Carmichael
Dr. Pam Okell, Apollo Elementary School
Larry Morton, 5 Magic Riding School
Ronnie Tichenor, Personal trainer
Colleen Millsaps, Millsaps Training Facility
Shae Bently, Personal Trainer
Matt Georke, Friend
Randy Faul, President FTR (Florida Trail Riders)
Bob Sparenburg, DeCoster Kids


Additional results of local events, Videos of each National and pictures available upon request